It's Hard to Be A Diamond in A Rhinestone World

I’m the pot-smoking biracial Aphrodite soon to hit the movie screen, a stoner Goddess homegrown from Humboldt County terrorizing San Francisco like Godzilla did Tokyo.
Decked from head to toe in neon like a walking Acid trip, I outshine the sun and kick ass on the stage.
I wanna fill the world with color, I’m the human version of Rainbow Brite in love with Anime.
I let my inner four-year-old out to play as much as I can, spoiling her with Disney movies, trampolines and tire swings.
I’m a Mermaid who dreams of Hollywood and being Cat Woman.
I have a soft spot for Pit Bulls and what people would deem an “obsession” with Seth Rogen & Corgis.
The soundtrack of my Life consists of an ‘80s mix, Dubstep, Mash-ups and whatever the fuck else I can get my hands on.

You may call me Olive. <3

April 24


Sometimes I miss you
Other times I feel like
there’s nothing to miss..

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For ugly


Ugly? Absolutely not!

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Suck it homophobes.

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This is fucking fantastic. This is a newspaper article from 2004 revealling that the man who discovered DNA, Francis crick used LSD frequently and was high when he made his discovery. Saying he frequently used LSD as a ‘thinking tool’ to boost his mental powers.
And i am in love with this :)


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