It's Hard to Be A Diamond in A Rhinestone World

I’m the pot-smoking biracial Aphrodite soon to hit the movie screen, a stoner Goddess homegrown from Humboldt County terrorizing San Francisco like Godzilla did Tokyo.
Decked from head to toe in neon like a walking Acid trip, I outshine the sun and kick ass on the stage.
I wanna fill the world with color, I’m the human version of Rainbow Brite in love with Anime.
I let my inner four-year-old out to play as much as I can, spoiling her with Disney movies, trampolines and tire swings.
I’m a Mermaid who dreams of Hollywood and being Cat Woman.
I have a soft spot for Pit Bulls and what people would deem an “obsession” with Seth Rogen & Corgis.
The soundtrack of my Life consists of an ‘80s mix, Dubstep, Mash-ups and whatever the fuck else I can get my hands on.

You may call me Olive. <3

Unidentified woman, 1970s. This is not Leslie Uggams, even though this woman has been mistakenly identified as her lately online. I was curious to find out who she was, so I did a little digging. If this website is correct, this woman is apparently one of hundreds who tried out for jobs as in strip clubs in Southern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. For the prurient minded, the women on the site are in various states of.. full dress. 


Chanel Iman & Arlenis Sosa in “Fashion..and all that Jazz” by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar September 2009

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© Marina Fini &lt;3 


This is mildly horrifying.



Pregnant Ghost Bat having an ultrasound at Featherdale Wildlife Park

congrats it’s a bat

[delighted bat noises]

one wraps the head in beauty and the other wraps a new life in warmth and love.&#160;: :submission:&#160;:


There’s very little that’s better then having an orgasm from riding your boyfriend.

But still, I very much agree. ;]